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We breathe our mission

“Inspiring and equipping the next generation of global youth makers and leaders with industry tools and skills”

Our Activities

Some of the activities we are running


The Homer project focuses on mentoring students with the aim of helping them choose fulfilling careers

Homer Echo

An ecosystem built to connect hundreds of mentors with bright and creative students across the globe


A vast volunteer supportive network of globally distributed clubs, associations and communities


We are happy people who celebrate achievements. Working hard and playing hard!

Genopen Is All About


We care about the web. Today there is need for even more content on the web, security & internet freedom

Coding and AI

Adventuring with Artificial Intelligence and the basics of code to inspire the next generation of makers

Graphics & Photography

Let your mind go wild with ideas and recreate the world the way you see it


Bring things back to life, play with chips like Raspberry Pi and Arduino


Get mentored and work with some of the best film makers to tell your story through a lens


Explore your talent and express yourself through art, music or fashion.

Empowering the Youth

Innovation – Learning – Collaboration

Open Source

Developed by the community for the community. Make a difference with open culture


Working together to learn and build social global projects & complement each other’s skills


The core of open culture is to share knowledge, lessons learned and experiences with the community


With a large diverse global community, there is deeper understanding and exchange of culture

Our Partners