Support Youth Innovations

Support Youth Innovations

Having spent a reasonable time training and listening to youth ideas, we have come to learn that young people might hold the key to the future we have been waiting for but are struggling to create.

A child who has not yet been through the negativity thrown at adults, financial and resource challenges has pure line of thought when coming up with ideas to solve a problem.

Some of these suggestions to us might come off as unrealistic and childish, but one hundred years ago so would have been the thought of space stations, rockets, electric cars, mobile phones, the internet and so much more. In fact it would have been considered sorcery, but sure some kids dreamt of things similar to what we have today.

The younger generation is smarter and more open

With all the information they take in through media like the internet and TV, but they are not putting this potential to task because in school they are taught to study, get a job, save, buy a house and just live.

Support Youth Innovations - Genopen
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We need to tap into this talent, to give the open generation a chance to bring their wildest creations to life. To encourage them to test and break things, to view the world as an open playground that they can use like a tinker box.

We need to support more youth driven innovations now more than ever. We could see more green technologies, improvement in device portability and more efficient transportation.

What do we at Genopen plan to do?

What we have always done. Give the youth who are interested access to open hardware tools like arduino and raspberry pi chips, access to learning resources such as videos, manuals and volunteer mentors from around the world to guide them.

In the near future, we are planning to guide them in turning these ideas into social enterprises and getting investment.

We welcome ideas that could help refine this and thoughts from the community.

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