The World Needs More Stories

The World Needs More Stories

As we etch deeper into the 21st century, it is harder to see people moving around holding a paperback book be it a novel or a famous guy’s book sharing his experience in the industry and his life.

We have more digital books and media hitting the “shelves”, but if you took a random stroll on popular ebook stores you may not find much African or Asian material compared to the European and American counterparts.

The world needs more stories, more tales and who better to tell those tales than the youth?

The World Needs More Stories - Genopen

The good thing is that uploading ebooks to some of the major stores like iTunes and Amazon is still free.

The real challenge though is how to get many of the people in these continents accessing and reading this content. The low internet connectivity and low access to internet capable devices does not help either.

The world population is largely youthful; for instance Uganda’s population is 80% youth. If each of us train 10 people a month to blog online say with WordPress or to use a book that would mean 120 more writers out there every year!

What are you waiting for? Let us amass more literature and knowledge.

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